The Oddfellows is a quirky British themed Gastro Pub with a delicious Speakeasy style cocktail lounge on top.
Locally sourced ethical produce, expertly crafted food and drink, lightly eccentric, eclectic décor and warm, smart service.
Lunch, Dinner and epic Sunday Roast in Exeter

We care about our Impact.
We operate at zero to landfill. All our waste is recycled and our food waste is composted.
We choose as many products as we can that are produced and grown close to home, so we get it really fresh and food miles are kept low.
Even our Deliveroo packaging is Biodegradable.

We treat our food with respect.
In many countries, we no longer need to eat meat to survive harsh winters. Meat is now a luxury, a pleasure, a choice for those of us who like to eat it.
At The Oddfellows we believe that all animals who give up their lives to feed us should be given the care and respect they deserve. A beginning that allows time in the sun and freedom to play and a quick, calm end.
We can trace the providence of all our meat and it comes from good places.
Please ask for a list of our suppliers if you would like to know more.

We have taken time to choose our Wine and beers.
We have an awesome craft beer list, are Cask Marque accredited for our Local ales, are in The Good Beer Guide and we got a bit tipsy choosing our current wine list because they are so good. Normally very professional occasion, our wine tastings. Ahem.

A lot of places profess that they make ‘cocktails’. What they actually produce is usually something else, on 2 for £10.
Our Libations are a little bit more than that. We take our cocktails seriously and get all a bit scientific about it.
We use local ingredients and all of our citrus is freshly squeezed. Premium spirits add the edge, and each one has been chosen for its specific characteristics. Our drinks range from the very refined, to the fun and fire and our list doesn’t feature all the classics but we can make them stood on our heads if you ask
We are also the oldest cocktail joint in Exeter.

Our staff.
We employ Intelligent, well informed industry folk.
Our staff are well trained and are constantly improving and learning.
That’s not to say we don’t ever fluff it up, but we do our very best, every day to give our guests the best of us.
Being a small independent company, we strive to look after our staff and our staff to all look after each other. We feel we get the best out of one another when we work as a team to achieve a common goal; excellence. Not to be confused with stuffiness or stiffness; we are a pretty relaxed bunch, with high standards.

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